08 / 10 / 2018 , 7:17 AM

With complex roots Hinduism involves an enormous diversity in practices and beliefs. It is a host of deities with one billion followers residing in Bharat. It is a culture, a way of life, and a code of behavior. Hindu beliefs and practices are enormously diverse, varying over time and among individuals, communities and regional areas. Its authority rests instead upon a large body of sacred texts that provide Hindus with rules governing rituals, worship, pilgrimage, and daily activities, among many other things. These texts are four thousand years old and the earliest surviving Hindu images and temples were created some two thousand years ago.

To carry forward the glorious Hindu culture, Singha Bahini give all its clinging exertion and acts as a strong support for them who practice Hindu culture. One of the stepping the stone to save Hindu culture (where Gau Hatya is a sin) was to debar cattle transportation (an illegal act) which is done tremendously before any Muslim occasions.

Where puja of Shakti (Women Power) is a great part of Hindu culture or worship, Singha Bahini upholds the Hindu women and girls who are either subjected to rape and trauma and are the victims of Love Jihads or are kidnapped and sold but don’t get justice due to the sway of Islamist.

Singha Bahini performs Hindu ritualistic works with proper Sruti Charan by regular practitioner or well trained priests. It will be a pleasure for our selfless activists to assist in Hindu ritualistic works for those who want.