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SinghaBahini – symbolizing Maa Durga Durgatinasini is an organization established by a group of hardcore uncompromising Nationalists formed SinghaBahini. The way Maa Durga loves her children compassionately and protects them with her Shakti; SinghaBahini stands beside those who are most vulnerable for the community and slip between the cracks. The entire working board of SinghaBahini consists of extremely efficient, hardworking and staunch nationalists engaged with selfless service to defeat the demonic forces who threaten to engulf the entire community.

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Amisha Thakur (12 years) not yet rescued

Amisha Thakur (12 years) not yet rescued, parents of the child (resident of Godda, Jharkhand) have approached us…

Posted by Devdutta Maji on Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Rally on the streets of Raiganj, North Dinajpur, West Bengal. Occasion: Inauguration of statue of Hindu #Martyr_TotonDas in nearby Raria village. Traffic in Raiganj City and Highway connecting Raria Village completely chocked. Point to be noted – North Dinajpur is a Muslim Majority District in West Bengal. #SinghaBahini Devdutta Maji

রায়গঞ্জ এর রাস্তা কাঁপাচ্ছে #সিংহবাহিনী।Rally on the streets of Raiganj, North Dinajpur, West Bengal. Occasion:…

Posted by Devdutta Maji on Sunday, May 12, 2019

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Our Mission

Through the efforts of the organization, we seek to build strength in the community, serve the poorest of poor as service to Bhagwan.

The poor vulnerable Hindus often are the weakest link in the community. By pledging to protect them, we vow to save the ethics of Hindu Dharma and Bharat Mata and defeat the breaking Bharat forces who threaten our civilization. As we embark on this journey, we seek blessings of entire Hindu Samaj, of our illustrious ancestors and commit to do our duty to protect Dharma as given in Bhagavad Gita.


We act as a helping hand to bolster up people who often don’t find voice in the community.

people who suffer most from persecution due to their Hindu faith, yet don’t give up the faith. We aim to eradicate the problems that stare at the Hindu Samaj, atrocities against our people, our dwindling demographics, our community lacking the financial might, our people losing faith in Dharma.


Be a helping hand for the Hindus in anguish. Stand by the Hindu tribals and Schedule Castes to shield Hindu Dharma. Come for the existence of Hindutva and for the furtherance of the poorest of poor Hindu.

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